On May 22, 1978, a beautiful baby girl was born to Odette Magalie Romelus and Joseph Domond in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  The name given to her was, Ludmilla Domond.  Her biological mother, Odette Magalie Romelus was a hard-working, business woman with many ambitions.  One of her ambitions was to put both feet on the soil of the United States. Unfortunately Ms. Romelus was never given that opportunity due to her brutal murder in April 1995 in her home in Petionville, Haiti.  Ludmilla Domond’s father, Joseph Domond, a man of excellence, did make it to the United States.  After working extremely hard, he and his present wife, Romaine Domond, applied for all three of Joseph Domond’s daughters to come to the United States.

In February 1986, during the same time Jean Claude Duvalier fled Haiti, the three Domond sisters entered the land of the free, through the gates of Miami by way of Eastern Airlines.  Ludmilla Domond was only seven years old and started school in Holmes Elementary in the heart and inner city of Miami. In 1987, Ludmilla begin her second-grade year at North Miami Elementary and continued her schooling until the end of her eight-grade year. In the summer before her ninth-grade year, Ludmilla moved to Brooklyn, New York where she lived with her mother’s side of her family. As a new student at John Dewey High School, Ms. Domond’s love for school increased as she excelled academically. In April 1995, Ludmilla was forced to move back to Miami after the death of her mother in Haiti. There in Miami, Ludmilla completed her high school at North Miami Senior High.


Ludmilla Domond furthered her education at Florida International University in the summer of 1997. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Science in International Business and Management and then further her education at Saint Thomas University where she will be completing a Master’s of Arts in Pastoral Ministry with a focus in Education.  Ludmilla has already made her decision to continue her education at Saint Thomas University where she has already been accepted into the phd program where she will be receiving her phd in Ethical Leadership and Education.  Thus far, if her drive to further her education does not lay it out for you clearly, Ludmilla has a strong passion for education and to educate the youth of Miami-Dade county.


Ludmilla Domond has been working since the age of sixteen and has always enjoyed working with the public.  Ludmilla’s life-long career in retail only displays her love and desire to assist others in being the best they can be.  Throughout her career, Ms. Domond has learned to listen carefully to the needs and wants of the people.  Her question has always been, “What do the people need and want to be happy?”  In addition to being in retail, Ms. Domond received her real estate mortgage brokerage license in 2005 and her real estate license in 2006.  Since 2006, Ms. Domond has continued serving the public by carefully listening to their needs and wants in serving them in making major life-long investments in the state of Florida.  In 2014, Ms. Domond became a real estate broker with her own company, Final Destination Realty Group, LLC. located in Miami, Florida where she resides.


Ludmilla Domond is the mother of a sixteen year old young man who enjoys school and people.  As a single mother, Ms. Domond assured her son received the proper education by being hands on with her son.  At the age of five, Ms. Domond acknowledged her son’s desire for sports and arts, her son joined football, soccer, track, tennis, piano and ballet.  Yes, boys are great ballet dancers and Ms. Domond refused to limit her son’s desire for the art by not allowing him to be a ballet dancer.  Ms. Domond is a loving mother.  She became a football mom, a soccer mom and a track mom. 


Because of her love for the youth and major life experiences Ludmilla observed, Ms. Domond had an urge to open No More Violence, Inc., a non-profit organization to end psychological, sexual, and physical abuse against children of all ages.  Being a victim of domestic violence, Ms. Domond’s passion to end all domestic violence against youth pushed her to volunteer with the Foster Care Review Board in Miami in 2010.  There Ms. Domond was able to assist the courts in making proper decisions regarding children and their families.


Ludmilla Domond is a lover of Jesus Christ.  She is prepared to tell the world how Jesus’ death on the cross has giving her life today.  Ms. Domond is an usher at her church and enjoys hugging and talking to every single member and visitor at her church.  Ludmillla does dedicated every Sunday of the year to serving the people of Christ.  She is a frequent visitor of many churches and has visited non-Christian religious facilities.  Ms. Domond loves the public.  Today, Ludmilla through the directions of leader, Jehovah God, Ms. Domond has taking the great step to increase her assistance to the public by running for Miami-Dade County Mayor this election 2020.  Ludmilla Domond focus is to become the first Black, first woman immigrant from Haiti to obtain this seat since the birth of Miami Dade county in one hundred twenty years (120).  



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